Hayley VMAs

Paramore Jingle Ball/Radio Show Setlist

I just went to the first date tonight in Philly. I'm assuming they'll be playing the same setlist every night. The setlist:

Misery Business (brought someone on stage for the bridge)
Ain't It Fun
The Only Exception
Still Into You

Great performance and I thought Justin was great on bass.
Hayley VMAs

For Reals?

I cannot believe that when I ask for some notes, I can't even be given a reply or help. Like seriously. They're just fucking notes. I'm not asking you for answers or for you to write them out for me again. I just want to fucking look at them. Why do people have to be so extra complicated. It's not like I'm asking for much. After all of the free shit that I gave and done. I can't believe I could even actually trust you with some personal information about me. Get real and fast. When you asked me for notes, I gave you them in pre-calculus so don't act like I've never done anything for you before. I did you fucking online quizzes for chemistry and gave you answers to those. I can't believe you can't even return the favor. It's fucking finals week too, just help a person out.
Get real. I could ask strangers for my notes and they would gladly give it to me with no complaints. I don't know you're so different. Especially since we're friends. Don't ever ask a favor from me ever again. I refuse to give it to you and I'll remember this day on finals week, the day after my birthday, that you couldn't help me out with 5 simple pages of notes. I'm not asking for much, just help. If I see you today at the fucking review session and you still refuse to share the notes, don't even bother talking to me anymore. Thank goodness you always post your schedule online. I'll gladly coordinate mine so we don't have any classes together. After all I've helped you last semester in Chemistry, I can't believe this is what I get. Get a grip and stop fucking caring so much.
I ask you for simple notes and the first thing you do is sign off facebook when I ask. Why bother even talking to me if you can't even help out a simple friend request. It's not like I'm asking you to fucking sail the Pacific Ocean and find me in India so we can trade cinnamon. I don't even know why I bother anymore.
When I asked that I was screwed you should have been the friend who just requested without asking that you have the notes for me to see. Get a grip and get off your high horse.